Welcome to the sign-up system for the DADIU-program in the fall of 2018. Note that you have to be a student at one of DADIU’s member institutions to apply.

Students applying as Game Designers, Level Designers, Project Managers, or QA & UR Managers will be asked to upload a CV and a motivation letter. Please, have this ready when you start the sign-up process. The max size of the document is 1MB(PDF only).

  • The School of Design assigns the roles as Visual Designer and Art Director.

    Participants from University of Copenhagen – Computer Science must apply via DIKUs usual application system.

  • As an experiment one of the teams will be using VR as a platform instead of tablet. This team will be located in Copenhagen.

    Are you interested in being on the VR team?

    Note: This an indication of interest and does not guarantee a spot on the team.

  • DADIU games are primarily developed in the Unity engine. Please note that prior knowledge is not a requirement for participating in DADIU. The question is only here to enable DADIU to schedule the classes in the best way possible.

  • If you apply for more than one competence and have a preference, please write it in the notes below.